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Thursday, October 28, 2004

I better blog...or else people complain I dun blog...

Ok..finally, it is going to be end of October. Next Thursday, it will be my end of my intership. Yeah! I waited so long for this day to arrive.
My cough has been much better now. But I feel that it is kinda of suppressed by the medicine the doctor give...not really cured yet. Coz, I can still cough suddenly.

I went to change my old greyish POSB ATM card to the blueish POSB
card. Passed by the branch yesterday..so change it for fun. Cool...got new ATM card and no need to pay any fees.

My supervisor realised intership is ending, so helped me filled in those monthly grading for me yesterday. There are 2 criteria to grade: Conduct and Performance. For first 2 months, he gave Conduct B and Performance C. The last 2 months are Conduct B and Performance B. OK...worse thing is the overall grading is much more important right? He said he submit that copy on a separate sheet to my LO. So, kinda stupid...coz I can't guess whether he giving B or C for me...

Actually, I was hoping to see at least an A. You know, especially on programming stuff....I always so lousy...and all my years in poly....because of my friend(YY), then I can managed to scrap through and pass programming modules. Now, my intership on wat stupid PHP which I never study before...and I have to do something on it these 4 months...Finally everything is over....a bit disappointing..
But then...thinking about the effort and the small success I got after all, it is still not bad that I can get a B or C. Ahh, next time, when my future bosses see my resume....got B or C from the BIOINFORMATICS INSTITUTE, at least they know it is not that kind of grade that you get...like bootlicking ur supervisor, or just the supervisor anyhow give a grade. I really worked something out at a kind-of reputable company.

Hey, I am not saying that my other friends working in private companies are like that ok...just that my ITP did do something related to IT... useful in the future..

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Friday, October 22, 2004

Got sick lar...Cough Cough Cough...
Went to see doctor for 2 times already...cost me about $55 in total....but still no improvement yet!! Think have to see 3rd time liao...I am thinking if I can request for cheaper medical fee anot. They earned from me so much money and then still can't
cure me....I cough until so bad that I can feel like vomitting...and then can't vomit anything out....Feel so terrible :(

When I got time, either watch TV or play The Sims 2 lor. No other special events happened liao..

Up in my list:
Raising Helen(Not watched yet)
White Chicks(Not watched yet)

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Monday, October 11, 2004

Big news again!

For ?? ages ago, I have not supported any original games...But now, after a stupid, irritating experience of the non-working The Sims 2 discs I got it from auction, I bought an original one...but second-hand one. Managed to get a price of $47. And I can tell you...not cheap ok? I spend $8 on a pirated one, now $47 on a 2nd-hand original one, it is $55 altogether! What's the difference then!!!
Since my broadband got upgraded to 512kbps last Thursday, been busy downloading all sorts of things. A few minutes' time, I can finish download a song. That feeling is great. I download a few movies...and it is really damn fast!!
Up in my list:
A Cinderella Story (Watched at home on Sat)
Resident Evil 2 (Watched in cinema)
White Chicks (Not watched yet)
Princess Dairies 2(Watched Part 2, haven watched Part 1...weird me rite?)

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Thursday, October 07, 2004

I was wondering why I should blogged this often. Hey...got nothing to say leh...so blog here also no use lor...

Ok... I watched Resident Evil 2 with Yun Yun yesterday. And...this morning I realised I have lost my workpass. Haiz...need to pay a $30 replacement fee liao. So stupid...only left abt 1 month before my attachment ends...still lost the card.

Channel U 9pm show ending soon...so fast. Today going to be last 4th episodes... Weekend show for channel 8 ending so fast...going to show Huang Zhu Ge Ge 3. Uhmm...I don't seem to like the new characters. But anyway...is Part 3 lor...I watched part 1 and 2 before....surely need to watch part 3 too to know final ending mah..

Simplicity is Freedom.

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