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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Collected my parcel yesterday. Yeah...so cool, first time receiving a Speedpost EMS article from Korea. And as I may have expected, there are just Xander and Kevin's signs since they are also the main hosts for Arirang M-Wave. But, I am already grateful abt winning the CD. It comes with a nice Kiseop photocard inside. I think it is a random card in each album. Anyway, U-Kiss will be in Singapore tml! Saw their twitter posts this evening...abt them excited abt coming here. Kpop~ continue to infiltrate here!

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Woke up early today and is a Saturday! Anyway, I was up at 7am, heading to meeting point by 8am for a "Spirit to Serve" event. My sis's friend's company held a event requiring some volunteers for the day. I thought it feels good to take part in this event, volunteering my time for the next 5 hours.

Abt 20 people are gathered at 8am to head to our destination for a short briefing on how to handle kids with special needs before we are paired up with a kid until 1pm. My kid was a shy 3-year-old Malay boy. He understands English but speaks Malay only. He doesn't really talk much except nodding his head when I asked him questions. We spent the next few hours together, doing canvas painting, door tag decorating, painting a "Spiderman" on his hand and enjoying a Magic show. After that, I accompanied him to eat his Macdonalds Happy Meal while I enjoyed the provided hotel lunch buffet in a haste.

It was quite a fruitful event and we accompanied the kids back to school after lunch. As there was no transport provided from the school to the city, we actually wanted to share a cab back (and my sis's friend can seek reimbursement from her company). However, we met my kid's father who came to pick the kid and her mum home. They kindly offered to give us a free trip back to Orchard. That was very thoughtful of them.

Back at Orchard, I went window-shopping for a while before heading home to rest...Finally, I am home :)

Yesterday, I was in for a surprise. I saw a Speedpost non-delivery notification letter at my door. Based on the article number, I found that its origin is from South Korea. I wondered why was that so since I don't buy anything from Korea. Who would have known my address? Suddenly, I found the answer. I actually took part in ARIRANG Online Survey some time ago. Checking from their website, I won a U-Kiss (sign) CD. OMG!! I dunno if all members' signs will be there, but it was really a lucky win. First of all, the survey doesn't mentioned about what souvenir would it be. Even if I get something, I thought it might be just a Korean culture item, such as chop-sticks, bookmark etc.

Looking thru the winner list, only 2 Singaporeans won something out of over 2000 survey replies. The other person got a Pencil case. But, I won the 2nd best souvenir! I can't just believe it (OK...though I saw there are 19 winners for the top souvenir, SHINee (sign) CD! How I wish I have gotten that, but never mind, we should always be contented of what we have)

I might post a picture of the CD when I collected my parcel on Tuesday :P

[I am No.14th in the winner list]

Simplicity is Freedom.

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