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Sunday, February 26, 2006

A weekend again...yup, tomorrow, my uncle is going to stop-over in S'pore from Philipines before going back to Australia. He will be around only for a short while as he will be going back on Tuesday. I heard from my aunt that she packed some gifts for us...but should be not much...biscuits and candies. Cannot be vegetables coz my uncle went to philipines first....vegetables can't last long without fridge aircon right?
Basically, I have nothing else to plan for this weekend, except to get the stuff my cousins need, e.g. mobile socks (which costs ard $10 in Perth! And surprisingly in S'pore, we can get it at $1 or $2. The Australian salesgirl still dare to tell my cousin that these 'socks' are air-flown from overseas....of course it is expensive!? Haha...and my cousin say she can get hundreds of that in S'pore at cheapo price as long as she got a air tix.)
I spent time today to prepare 20 cds for her. A hk drama : Square Pegs. They wanted funny shows and I guess this is the right show for them. Lazy to prepare other dramas as it is tiring to copy 20 cds...got to spend a lot of time and effort...changing discs. I was also afraid that my cd drive will die of exhaustion. haha..
Finally, after waiting for abt 2hrs in the morning, I got a driving timeslot for coming Thursday nite. I was so afraid that I can't get any revision lessons since my driving test is just around the corner. High chance that ppl normally dun pass the first round and I believe that I am one of them as well. But, at least, I will try my best. You know...is not just skills, but lots of practice, car condition on that day, tester etc. Wish me luck.
Called the person-in-charge on my PSP status. He said got to wait till coming Wed...so is 3 weeks to repair instead of 2 weeks as told. I am quite displeased with that coz it took so long and they didn't took my contact last time...only gave me a namecard...ask me to call them instead. What sort of warranty service is that?? Maybe all distributor companies work like that...might as well buy from Sony Gallery instead.
ok...I am super tired now...is 1.10am...is a miracle that I haven fall asleep by this time...normally...bedtime hours for me is ard 11pm...Yawn...good nitex

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

I wasn't thinking of blogging for quite some time...a lot of dramas are currently showing on TV and there was no time for me to do anything recently...
For example, last week, I got to go and send my PSP for repair, change a new keyboard ...a keyboard that was just a month old. Suddenly, just as I was going to play my Sims, I just found out that my key 1, Q, A, Z and Tab is not working...damn it..got to go all the way to Sim Lim to change.
My PSP need abt 2 weeks for repair...coz the technician of the distributor company went overseas. So I don't have anything to play right now except my computer.
I just got my 2nd pay today and guess what..I also received my beloved AIA's premium notice letter. Hah! $600+ wil be gone...paying my premium. Ok...I am sure Singnet and M1 are coming after me soon.
Today is the last day for the Chinese New Year's 15th day. This marks the end of our New Year expedition...which I didn't participate much really. I don't have much relatives, so not much hongbaos collected either. Supposingly, I wanted to do a lot of stuff these 2 weeks...example...going to the yearly New Year "pasar malam" at Esplanade, but I sort of forgot abt it...and staying at home everyday.
Yesterday, I was at home, slacking, watching TV and full stop. This morning, I went for a haircut..my mum wanted me to. It was right, I also find my hair quite long...Bought a lot of stuff at the popular Ang Mo supermarket....Shrimps wanton (Q-bite brand)...the Chew Chor Meng's advertisement..haha...always mentioning the whole shrimp thingy. Guess what! Me and my sis tried it and it tasted not so bad. But I find it a bit ex. 12 wanton for $4.20. We actually thought of buying tangyuan but we can't find any. Guess all sold out.
Since I got my pay, I decided to treat my sis something...hmm..ended up waiting for pizza now..Yup..that's our dinner.

Simplicity is Freedom.

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