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Friday, July 22, 2005

A blogging Friday today. Not much things has happened during July. Have been at home for lots of days except working. Today is the last day for some of my working colleagues. Sad to see them go. But supervisor say running out of cases. So, have to release people. Now, only left me and a guy struggling to finish up the cases. Everything should end in mid-Aug. At this point of time, I received a call for another interview at a company by the recruitment agency I went to on 1st July. Hope it turns out all right.

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Today is quite a scary day. I went to 2 interviews at one day. One is in morning and another in the afternoon. The morning one is held at Tiong Bahru area and I was really afraid about it. Coz, programming is not my cup of tea. But what can I do when I already studied it? There was 2 ppl interviewing me. One is a guy and another is a girl. They asked questions which are really difficult to answer....not like those demo questions I learnt from my poly school module. Haiz...I will just wait and see. I am not so sure if I will take up the job anyway even I got it. I am worried it will spoil my plan for a trip to Thailand. Of course....my mum is still saying no about it.
The afternoon one is more relaxing. It is conducted by a friendly Japanese recruitment agent, Sato-san. I think he works alone. He is not too bad and the job he is offering seems good. But I am not so sure if I can get in. Coz he says the company is already undergoing interviews already. But I heard from him that the company will provide good training. They are making a kind of "investment" and hope the candidate is someone who will stay a few years....not those job-hoppers. Ok...I am not like that. The company even need to conduct 2 interviews and a written test. Seems tough...haha....dun even noe I get in or not. Still long time to say. Heard it is a system integrator solutions Japanese company at 28th floor of Fuji Xerox Tower. Still....I dunno wat is the name of it. Recruitment agent cannot say it. But the company is small and has about 15 employees only.
Ok...finally....so between morning to afternoon, what I do??? Yup...I went to watch War of The Worlds alone at GV Tiong Bahru to waste some time. Then, went to Redhill to sit at my dad's office to rot and wait for time to pass. Left Redhill at 3.30...then, reached my 2nd interview area 0.5hr early. So, went to Bugis' s famous Guan Yin Temple for short praying. Then, went for interview. Finally, everything is over...So..I can relax now and think of solution to get my mum let me go Thailand with my cousins.

Simplicity is Freedom.

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