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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How did you spend your Chinese New Year(CNY)? Finally the 15 days of CNY is over..well I can't really bother to count my red packet money coz I know it is really gonna be like less than $200 in all since I do not have many relatives.

These days, I am like a BUSY working bee - trying to clear my work but why does INPUT > OUTPUT? Hmmm.... I put in 100% effort output, but I can't cope with 200% input. Haha.....my own analogy :) Anyway, is the peak period now. So, I still have to wait a while before everything stabilises after 1st quarter of 2011 is over.

Happy to know that the Govt. is paying Growth Dividends. It means most Singaporeans like me can enjoy a $600 payout as well as a 20% off rebate in income tax (cap at $2k). Wow...that is like a small winning from lottery :)

Now, I will just look fwd to my trip to Korea once again in end-April for a week with my sister, as well her best friend and best friend's sis. Wow...sounds complicated ya...but it just means 4 gals! And, it sounds like we got plans to meet more Koreans this time - my only penpal, Esther and her sister. Jessie also had her friends she met when she travelled in Europe last year.

Other than just staying in Seoul, we plan to make our own way to Busan for 2 days. Backpacker lodging are confirmed for both Seoul and Busan; so we need not worry too much now.

Currently my sis and I will have to work out the plans if we gg to travel to Aus in mid-May depending on air-tix price. My cousin gonna be alone in Perth for almost a month in May so we thought of accompanying her a week or so. But time is tight since we are just back from Korea in early May. Not sure if can apply for leave for additional travel. See how 1st lah~

Simplicity is Freedom.

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