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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Today I just received a knock on my door..almost 45mins ago? I just received my driving licence by registered post and I am happy that I am there to sign and took the mailer from the postman. On 30 May 2006, I passed my driving test at SSDC and here I am, a qualified driver, not a owner of just a PDL anymore :)

Last weekend, I went to my cousin Donald's wedding dinner. Uhmm, it was my first time to know that he had a English name. Anyway, it was held at Clark Quay (Peony Jade Restaurant). My first time there. The resturant was quite small but you can say it is still quite classy. Some dishes were good. However, the con was that they served the food very late. I think I had my first dish at 9pm?

Coming weekend, 2 of my colleagues are leaving my team. Though I feel a bit sad about it, life still goes on and I can't be following their footsteps right? Well, one of them found a job with better pay and the other was taking a break after years of working. But guess she was actually finding her ideal job at the banking industry. I wish her good luck.

World Cup just started and I think most people would be busy taking leave to watch soccer at home. More pandas will be on the streets for this month...since the matches are normally held during the middle of the night. Who will win, who will lose? I don't know coz I am not a fanatic on this. I only care about who is the winner and the MVP (Most Valuable Player). So, I don't think I will bet on any teams :) Luck is crucial for any teams, and it is unpredictable who will win.

Simplicity is Freedom.

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