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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just came back from Genting trip last weekend. Is about 2yrs 10 months since my last trip. Bought some goodies like Tau Sa Pia at Genting. Watched High School Musical 3 for RM16.00(comes with popcorn and drink) and enjoyed the Outdoor Theme Park. Will be uploading some photos when it is ready. My whole trip including expenses was ard S$350.

Bought a local magazine at the news-stand at First World Plaza. It comes with a free two-sided poster ^-^ Is called YG magazine and it costs S$3.90/ RM5.00. Of course, since I bought in Malaysia, only pay abt S$2.50 for it, which is quite worth it.

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

I just changed a new phone 3 dayss ago. Yes, LG Secret KF750. I have not used LG phone before. Previously, for me, to buy a phone, I go for brands like Sony Ericsson and Nokia. Sony Ericsson offers the most functions I wanted, gd camera, mp3 player and beautiful themes. Nokia is just slimplicity and higher trade-in value. But, all brands got a common point > it dun last long....not bcoz i spoilt it but it spoils easily...

Dun ask me why I change to LG phone coz I am not telling you :]

- LG Secret KF750 phone

Simplicity is Freedom.

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