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Saturday, November 10, 2007

A bad start for me in November...Food poisoned last week and coughing with sore throat this week. This week alone, I have spent 80 bucks on doctor. Sob sob...One side of my gum is still swelling, and I guess I am not able to enjoy my dinner tonite..Dinner and Dance at Shangri-la hotel...At this point of time, I still do not know what to wear. Spy Nite??? What the heck I should I wear??? Women in Black? Urh...I dun have black clothes at home...

Sick but still have to go to avoid penalty...The per person cost for the dinner is $100+. I got to pay in full if I don't attend. Well...unless I got a MC...which means see DOCTOR again! I dun want to see him today leh...still have not complete my antibiotics.... I think I should go out and get some clothes for the dinner...have a fast dinner and rush home to "work"...yah...I mean WORK..

Simplicity is Freedom.

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