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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

3 more days and is Christmas! Yeah...with 3 more days of leave to clear, i applied a couple of afternoon off-days for the next 2 weeks. Just like the rest of Singaporeans, I was so stressed about buying Christmas prezzies for my colleagues...20+ people to think for; squeezing thru last minute shopping crowds and long queues at shopping centres.

This year is different because I am going to spend my X'mas and New Year at home instead of being overseas. Colleagues around me will ask me to use my leave to travel overseas. But the thought of spending money....No-No for me LoL..

Since my last win on U-Kiss album, more K-pop luck came. I won a chance through KTO for a 2AM Meet & Greet Session at Marina Bay Sands. Supposedly, there was handshake and group photo-taking session as mentioned by KTO officer. But, eventually, there was no handshake. Yeah...just like all contests, terms and conditions subjected to changes :P

It was like a 3 minute event -> You walk in, take 2 photo-shots and come out from the room. I believed that they have chosen the best one out of the 2. I think there were 9 group photoshots as seen from Universal Music Singapore Facebook (the organiser). All winners are randomly selected from various contests, U-Weekly, I-Weekly, KTO etc. Anyway, I thought ours is the best coz we are the last group they took photo with us :) Sometimes, you just do your very best in the last "item", so I guess this logic applies here too.

Two weeks ago, it was 2nd performance by KARA since their "Jumping" comeback on KBS Music Bank. As usual, KBS World will post on their website to promote the weekly Music Event as well as on twitter.

I have taken part a few of them since their event launch. It was a very good initiative because a lot of foreigners/fans tune in to the KBS World.

I actually tweeted my question on their comeback performance but my question was not selected. I thought my chance was gone as usual. However, on the second week performance, I spotted my question on TV. I actually hesitated, "Was that my question?" But, I did received Direct Twitter Message from KBS World TV that my message was really chosen! Wow, that's super cool! Except, the male MC host didn't read my question well!!(O.o) In any case, it meant that I won an autographed album from KARA! Hoped that it is signed by all 5 members. Hmm...I wonder where Ji-young maknae wants to go? Coz, i can't understand what place she is referring to.

If anybody can understand, here is the talk and performance:

CONGRATS to myself for winning something from KBS and also KARA's first win on Music Bank on "Jumping"!

Simplicity is Freedom.

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