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Saturday, January 30, 2010

This weekend probably u see many stalkers in taxi-vans as famous SHINee and F.T Island are here in S'pore for their separate kpop performances. Anyway, this proves S'pore is getting more recognised by kpop artistes now. Maybe next time on Seoul subways, a stranger will not ask me with disbelief abt where I am from. Either they have not heard of the country 'Singapore' or they thought we come from China or Taiwan or Japan.

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

It is a week since I have returned from my Korea trip. Finally, I touched snow which is "freshly-produced" from the sky as well as balanced myself on slippery floor in Seoul. Phew, luckily, I didn't fall on my butt because I am getting experienced in avoiding ice on the road. Most importantly, this was really my own authentic free-and-easy trip, without my parents, for 12 nights, and in a non-English speaking country. After this experience, I really felt like I can conquer any country I want to go...HAHAHAHhahaHAHAHa..(provided that the country is safe)

Well, the photos are daily back-up on my friend's laptop. But, I had some recent "residue" in my camera which I can post it here to share.

Nami Island (01/01/2010)

We visited Nami Island on New Year's Day. Since it was a public holiday, we expected a crowd. Mostly I saw couples at Nami Island. None of us watched Winter Sonata, so we can't really recognise any of the important places of Nami Island. Therefore, we just referred to the highlighted features on the given brochure (Yeeks..only left chinese brochure...I hate deciphering Traditional Chinese text) Time was short as we need to cater time to return to the ferry terminal to catch a taxi back to Gapyeong Station (abt 1.5 hr train ride to Seoul). However, I felt that we have almost completed the whole island by foot in an hour. The trees and snow created a nice background for numerous photos, something you don't find in Singapore.

Simplicity is Freedom.

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