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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Started work about 2 weeks already. Working environment is quite good and currently I am already doing some admin stuff and simple accounts. Still have other stuff to learn but uhmm...I think is quite straight-forward stuff. As long as I get the impt points noted down and get my doubts cleared, I think it shld be fine :)

Just received pay for this mth yesterday....Not a lot...i will say. But it is quite good for me coz I will work about half a month for December...and the pay is given even is not at the end of Dec. Quite lucky for me coz I joined so late but I still received a minor bonus with my salary as well. Of course, is not 13th mth bonus....so much...but is pro-rated....so..in all got abt $100 bonus. Really happy about it.

I even received lots of goodies from my new colleagues during Christmas. Got a $50 Malls of Centrepoint voucher from company coz it was a reward for all staff...company won public award. Got a $5 Starbucks voucher from department committee for christmas giveaway...Basically, really got so much extra freebies given to me even I just started working there. Really appreciate whatever I have received. Now...big problem on spending the voucher...hmm..have a big munch-munch or a big shopping spree???

I am taking my driving test on 7th Mar...2006....so far away and I think I have forgotten everything anyway. Still long time away and maybe I dun even remember to attend lol..

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Is 1 and a half month since I never blog....don know why either...I was messed up with a lot of things ...my job paticularly. A lot lot of things to update basically.

1) last blogging, i mentioned abt joining a new company...and settling down to be a IT trainer...but now...in my next blog...I am annoucing "I HAVE QUITTED"...haha...and it was at the start of this month. Dun want to tok abt it anymore...overall...the job is not suited for me and I dun feel comfortable working there. So the best way is to leave there and search for my ideal job.

2) Finally, I found the job I been waiting for. Starting on Friday, I will be working as a freshie Executive Officer at the CPF Board. It is a 1 year contract position but it provides basically almost all benefits that the government bodies provides...Stable pay, bonus, working hours, acceptable travelling distance, nice working environment. The best I like out of it is 5 days working week. Hope I can settle well in the job.

3) I have finished my driving lessons today. Looking at the current schedule, the nearest Traffic Police exam date is on early March. But I am still thinking of which day to book it. Wishing for a pass in my 1st attempt...but i think is super hard!!

Simplicity is Freedom.

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