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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Before I go to sleep, I decided to create a post to describe what I have so far.

1) Left Dept. of Statisitcs after 6 months in there....so long.....I dun even know I got such long patience to stay so long. Started my new job on Thurs. Was assigned to a sec sch for relief position. I hope I can make it through the intership and survive with the miserable pay...and then get a permanent job soon. Today, I went to work as well coz Saturdays have to go back. But basically, was documentation and meetings. Is my first day there...the meeting is for assigning job scopes for cuming next 3 weeks. Some days are a bit hectic but I hope I will not feel too tired and still can make it for driving lessons. Coz, some schools are very far away from where I stay or driving school.

2) I created a website for my parents so called birthday + christmas present. Paid a small amount for site hosting from a S'pore company. Website is not fully completed but the purpose of the site is to let my parents post new photos on new stock whenever they have. But something has been troubling me. Coz, the website is up running, but still when I made a search for it using Google or Yahoo, it is not displayed on the search page. Why is that so!! Dun tell me I got to pay additional money for that..anyway, I registered under a domain name, www.deartframe.com I think it sounded short and sweet. Haha...I want to pester my father to print the web link on the namecards next time...or else it will waste my $ hosting the site.

3) Bought a set of Naruto anime from auction for $21...if I am not wrong. Hope to receive the item soon. Currently, the guy will burn Episode 1 - 156. At least I got the earlier episodes...then I can start to d/l from episode 157. Quite cheap since he burning to a DVD-R. Easier for me to watch and storage of the discs.

4) Completed my Stage 2 today. So from Stage 3, I will start learning parking....oohh...should be very hard...I still remember my last lesson was on the S and crank course...and today's review lesson, I actually mount and stirke kerb once respectively....Really feel so angry about that...coz the last lesson was just yesterday. But before I moved on to do Stage 3, I have to do a complusory Auto lesson...Haha...I think it should be fun coz auto is much easier as heard from my friend.

Simplicity is Freedom.

created my post at 3:30 PM

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Recently, there are not much TV shows that I am interested in on weekdays...so I rather spend most of the days going for driving lessons.....I have a big plan and is to get my license by this year. Can I succeed? Hmm....not so sure coz clutch is not really easy to control. Attended 10 lessons already and I still stall my car.
Nothing really happen this few days...except I learn driving and resting for the rest of the time. On weekends, I went out with my sis and cousins...haha....and the fragrance of the "steamboat" at the Suntec City buffet restaurant really smells nice. We decided to try the buffet soon....
I know the new Sims 2 Expansion pack 2 is out...Nightlife if I am not wrong and I want to get it!!! Haiz....but due to driving fees....cash strapped....so I shall wait till I hav the $ to buy then!

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Saturday is the only day I can enjoy driving in the day ....not the night...Before I go to my fourth lesson later, I just edited my blog...as you can see, I removed the picture component so as to be able to allow viewing of a music video. So, I can update different music videos whenever I blog and let you know the songs which I find it nice to listen at times.

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tonight I will have my 3rd driving lesson of the day and now it seems so scary for me....Arghh....coz I always stalls my car....and forget to do this and that....everything u have to learn on the spot...different from simple studying or memorising. Recently, a hongkong drama just started playing on TV. Yummy Yummy.....will all my favourite hongkong TVB actors and actresses......only problem is the combination of Singaporean actors and Hongkong actors acting together look weird. After watching the 1st episode, I feel ok...maybe 3.5 out of 5. Really broke now coz I paid all my money on driving classes and nobody to claim the money back. My parents not paying any...hope my mum will pay half. Now I am sort of interested to go SIM full-time. Wondering if my mum allow that. Coz I feel that I dun wan to start work now....and since I dun have a perm job, I am thinking of taking a RMIT Bachelor degree in Business or the Uni of Wollongong Bach. of IT. Hmm....difference is one takes very long to complete and the other faster. haha...I suppose...I dun feel like sticking to IT route....in case I regret and made the wrong choice. Simply to say, I am not good in it and I rather change my direction when I am still young. At least, even I feel that business route not good, just take another yr plus next time can get a IT degree as well. So might as well spend 3 yrs in business rite? Haha...what i am toking...got to rush for driving....concentrate on my driving dream~

Simplicity is Freedom.

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