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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Last Fri and Sat, it was the Night Festival at the National Museum. Together with my colleagues, we visited the museum after work on Fri..most importantly, to wait for highlight of the event at 10.30pm - pyrotechnics show by Germany's Action Theatre PAN.OPTIKUM. We could visit the museum for free and use the Museum's very own special iPod machine which equipped with nice Sennheiser earphones. (unfortunately, is clip-on type which I don't like). Just press the number beside the exhibit and you will be able to read information on the exhibit from the iPod screen. On the museum floor, you see labels with numbers along the way. Just key in the number on the iPod and you can listen to detailed information about the history of Singapore and related exhibits.


Simplicity is Freedom.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

A fun Day at the Zoo

On 5 July 09..we had an earlier Youth Day celebration (okie, i never thought of celebrating..just remembered the next day was actually Youth Day)...4 cousins and a car...zoomed to Singapore Zoo for excursion. So when is the last time I visited? Can't remember...but I know the last time I saw the animal performances, they are sharing the same amphitheatre. But now, they have 3 separate ones. We made our own lunch..sandwiches, sotong balls, hotdogs, sushi, cookies (to be precise, i believed the cookies were bought by my cousin rather than home-made :P ), orange and apple juices. Everything was so fun especially following the zookeeper around to enjoy feeding sessions(to the animals...not us :D) I can still remember the zookeeper's name, Ellen. And she really explains clearly in every session. Unfortunately, we didn't even take a group photo...so I have made one! So what shall i comment? More excursions!

Simplicity is Freedom.

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