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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Heyo! Is my birthday today! Yup, and is my 21st birthday. I got a lot of prezzies from my friends too :)

1. A small Forever Friends white bear with a 21 tag on it. (from my cousin)

2. A $100 red packet from my mum + a free breakfast (mee suah with 2 eggs) cooked by my mum this morning

3. A celebration at Sakae Sushi, TCC and Bugis foodcourt on Sunday. Haha...a lot of eating places rite? (Poly friends)

- IP Zone green cardigan
- Bag (Can be sling bag or normal carry bag)
- Sandals from U.R.S.

4. A box of e-Royce's Petite Truffe (my dear Edusave colleague Ling Ling)

5. Choco Cake from my sup, Jimmy, ERS team (Jeiwei, Laine) and Ling Ling.

Thank you for all the stuff once again!

Simplicity is Freedom.

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