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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekend for me was entertainment and nice food. Sunday was Dim Sum in the morning at Fortunate Restaurant at Toa Payoh; Afternoon was NTUC shopping and Pasta De Waraku lunch.

On Saturday, just resting at home till late afternoon before heading down to Marina Bay Platform for the Singapore Entertainment Awards 2010 with my sis. When was the last time I was there? Hmm...I think it was for Singapore Fireworks Festival in 2008. No National Day Parades for me so far since I have no luck on the tickets.

I thought I got good seats but NOPE...my seats are at the extreme right when facing the stage AND there were these speakers and 2 projection screens just in front of us..I hope my ears were not damagaed by the loud music. Armed with my Canon 12X zoom camera, I can't take any good photos but of course, I own all copyrights of my blurrish photos...heehee. So, no good photos to post here but these are the best ones I have taken.

I enjoyed listening to so many of our local artistes as well as overseas artistes singing "live" in this 4-hour concert. Hope such events (of course must be affordable tickets) will continue to be offered here.

This is the how the view is like from my seat.

I don't know her but she is Liang Wen Ying, as addressed by the MCs.

The young crowd are screaming like mad when SHINee went up the stage to introduce themselves. But since I can't take good photos from where I am, I just took the photos from the projector :)

Moses Chan, one of my fav TVB stars.

Taiwan singer cum MC, Xiao Gui and Lin Youjia, Yoga.

JJ, Lin Junjie, performing with his fans on stage.

Tanya, performing with her guitar.

SHINee, the group that brings the loudest cheers from the young crowd (yet I started to wonder if this was SG Entertainment Awards which meant to promote Mandarin music OR Korean Pop instead)

Last star of the night, Hongkong singer Eason Chan. (Side-track: It was kinda disappointing to see a lot of ppl leaving after SHINee finished performing, while Eason collecting 6 awards and giving his speech. What the heck are Singaporeans behaving?)

Last but not least, a final group gathering of all the performers on stage to mark th end of the award ceremony.

Last Note: Throughout the whole thing, SHINee's Jong-hyun was practically showing a "black" face throughout the performances (Noona, You are Pretty & Jojo & Ring Ding Dong) and I can feel the nonchalance of him dancing on the stage. (as if he is not willing to be in Singapore at that point of time) But then again, I just admire his good voice. Someone with a nice voice but poor attitude just turns me off. Instead, I think Onew is the most sincere & warm-hearted guy out of the group. Minho is the next little brother who has great determination and looks like someone with good up-bringing. (from what I can observe on the Dream Team Season 2 variety show I watched weekly). Key is another member whom I think he looks cold on the outside, but maybe deep inside he might just be another charismatic guy. (His remarks are funny & sarcastic when he is on Star Golden Bell Challenge) As for Tae-min, I really never notice him much coz he just reminds me of Sesame Street. (I don't know why...but maybe his behavior and looks just link me to Kids' Channel).

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Friday, March 05, 2010

Is March...finally been thru Chinese New Year period...and a new month again. What are my regrets in February? Well, I didn't catch the Oh Joon-Sung Esplanade concert as well as the Brown Eyed Girls' showcase. But what is the acheivement for the month? I knew that a weekend Genting trip is planned in April (Yeah! Gambling without a $100 levy) and a leisure Seoul/Hongkong 7 days' trip with my cousin in May.

Oh man..I can't only think of holidays rite now. But that is just what every colleague does in office =)

Oh so during free time, I am uploading my free-and-easy Korea trip photos in Facebook. Once is all ready, I can post the links here.

Simplicity is Freedom.

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