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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wow...so fast and is October. So many things happened and I can't help reminding myself it is going to be the end of Year 2010. Just an update of my trip to Genting during National Day...sucks..I lost abt $150 in the casino. But, that is okay because I am paying school fees to learn from them ( this is to console myself).

My good friend, Yun Yun, finally held her wedding dinner in September. It was a joyous moment though someone is missing from this photo (forever). Whatever it is, things has happened and I knew in our hearts that our conscience are clear. If there was a time she ever choose to come back to us, we would have always been there for her. But she will be always be part of us always~
(handphone limited facility, so will upload pic later)

Decided at the last minute, my colleagues and I went on a 2D1N vacation trip to Melaka 2 weeks ago. Haha, it was quite fun since it was the first time we went for a holiday together. Here they are, some of my colleagues:-

The hotel was having a Oktoberfest promotion for German beer and some of us gathered at the hotel lounge for drinking and gossiping. We went shopping around at nearby malls and had Peranakan feast. I saw A&W too...the long-lost fast food restaurant which don't exist in Singapore many years ago.

Lastly, I took up a 4-lesson beginner course on something new. My last lesson just ended yesterday. I was learning this thing called ukulele. It is a string instrument, a subset of the Guitar family. I admit that I am not a music-inclined person. I can't even play my recorder well when I was in Primary School. But, I still tagged along my sister and her colleagues to learn something new.

Using the ukulele song sheet guide provided by the teacher, I practised to play "Happy Birthday" for a colleague, Karen. Managed to complete the full song after 30 minutes of NGs. Here it is:-

Don't laugh at me coz I am just an amateur. Some of my colleagues shared with me this morning that I was looking so solemn playing the song...but I told them..."Hey, I was so stressed trying to strum my ukulele correctly accordingly to the rhythm, and have to sing at the same time..." But, they really think I made a good effort in it :) It was well-appreciated.

Simplicity is Freedom.

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