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Saturday, January 29, 2005

2nd Day...

It is a school day so me and my sis were out early in the morning to school. They went out to Chinatown.. shopping by themselves for the whole day. But in the evening, we accompanied them to visit 2 groups of relatives.1st is commonly known as "4th floor aunties". The other is my Er Po Fu and Er Po Mu. But they are Meiling's godparents.

Went home quite late but it is fun to accompany them to visit so many ppl, as if it is Chinese New Year. S.l.e.e.p t.i.g.h.t!

To be continued....

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005


I suddenly thought oh how I haven posted any blogs here for so long that I finally here I am.
I have spent great 9 days' fun recently which ended this morning.
A full Story:
On around the 6th of January 2005, we received a call from my beloved aunt(whom I called GuGu). She intended to come back to Singapore on the 17th of Jan afternoon, along with my cousins, Lynn and Pei Shan(Haha..I still dunno what 'christian name' you gonna use after all). Lynn hasen't been back for 6 years although I did see her in Perth for 2 times. Pei Shan came back 2 years ago. But...she did changed a bit....more prettier lar.

On the first day:
I went to the airport to welcome them. It was so exciting at that time....peering through the glass panels...spotting them. I waited almost 30mins before seeing them walking out of the arrival hall. We went home to put away the luggage before accompanying them to make new spectacles at my dad's friend optical shop.
After that, I went to help my dad to pack up the promotion place at Bukit Batok. My sister accompanied my aunt and cousins to Chinatown to shop as well as exchange S'pore currency.

When everything are done, it is time for the welcome dinner at Por Kee Restaurant at Tiong Bahru. My aunt and cousins and my sis went to look foy my aunt(2nd aunt) who is working at Thomson Plaza. Me and my mum waited at the factory and went to the restaurant ourselves whereas my dad went to pick my aunts and cousins and my sis to the restaurant. The car is unable to squeeze many ppl. That's why me and my mum decided to go to the restaurant ourselves.

At the restaurant, the food ordered are great. There are fish, prawns, coffee spareribs, vegetables and mango pudding for dessert. After the meal, all of us squeezed into the car and drove my 2nd aunt home coz it was quite late.

Back at home, did unpacking of some of the presents and food. But really tired by then. So everyone went to sleep after little packing......

To be continued...

Simplicity is Freedom.

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