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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A short update about myself...During the weekend...I was very busy helping my parents during the 2 holi-days..setting up..etc. But on Saturday, really got a good deal. Had Starbucks with my cousin and talking very long in the cafe as it was raining. I also bought a new JVC DVD player. Heard from the salesman tht it is a multi-code one though on the boxes it states Region 3. This is because the DVD players need to be exported to Singapore which belong to Region 3. So, the number "3" is printed on the box. I was actually intending to buy the cheaper LG brand one....but the salesman told me it is made in Korea..of course it is cheaper. JVC one is made ion Japan...and has functions like it can start up the DVD show faster than any other DVD players and can read DVDs /VCDs which have minimal scratches. Not too sensitive as Sony.
My cousin got one identical one as well...haha...bcoz I kinda of washed her brains to buy as well. I mean...it is a great offer rite?
I actually got an old sharp DVD player which is spoiled and went for service. But still not back yet....I think it will be ages later to wait for it to be serviced. But, maybe the old one will replace the VCD player in my mum's bedroom. Actually that VCD player is moved to the living room for viewing of VCDs. So, my mum's room dun have any player at all. I have not installed the DVD player yet but it shouldf be any easy task for me. Just that I want to do it maybe this weekend. I also bought a chinese horror movie from Poh Kim as well. There is this 50% offer. It was quite a old movie...2 years back released before. Called "Zhou Le Yuan"..
Now I got a DVD player...I can't wait to paste my eyes on TV and enjoy some high-quality movies!

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Yes....a new post again...Coming Sunday is Vesak Day so I am looking forward for the weekend...coz Monday I dun need to work!!! Yup...plus I am going to have a big sushi buffet with my cousin on Saturday(hopefully)...and tomolo I have the chance to catch Star Wars : Episode 3!! Funny thing is that I haven watch Part 2 before....as for Part 1....I think I saw it on TV abt 1-2 months ago. Hope I can understand the show...Hmm....Of course...why I got the chance to watch the preview...thanks to my pal, Yun Yun, who went to redeem so many M1 Box Office tixs....haha...I think many other M1 customers cum Star Wars maniac going to be so jealous if they miss the ticket redemption!!
Simply to say now....I am quite broke coz my pay will be given only 13th next month...so still long long time....My mum was telling me 2 days ago that she wanted me to give her $100 from my pay...I am thinking....ok...still acceptable...It is so-called my first time working experience (exclude intership and helping out my parents). At least I am not a big spender....but buy expensive stuff at one go :)
Hmm....there is this new 9pm channel 8 show I am watching now....currently....it is not wat I expected so far...coz I thought they will mention more funny stuff of the netherworld...but now....there are just trying to get us to noe more Edmund Chen's policeman cum gambler's life. So hope the following episodes are even more fun to catch.....or else....I will just BAN the show...and catch other shows in other channels..
<<::::TAKE NOTE::::>>
There is STARHUB cable vision preview cuming up for the June period....and main purpose is to promote the English channels....So...remember to catch it starting from 21st of May, 6am. COZ....they are going to show AXN, HBO and stuff!!!!
<<::::End of announcement::::>>

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Saturday, May 07, 2005

I have received the NUS rejection letter finally. ok...is expected...so doesn't matter. But hope NTU can give me a chance...haha...put me in the waiting list before sending any rejection letter to me. Coz I still got the time to wait, being preoccupied with a temp job now.

Had leave on Friday. So excluding Labour Day and Leave, I only worked for 3 days this week. Not my fault, but the supervisor say there is not many records left...got to wait till next batch of records to come in next week.

Mother's Day is coming and I have not get anything...die die....what to get and do? I also dunno.

Simplicity is Freedom.

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