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Sunday, October 11, 2009

I was watching so many dramas recently that my HDD recorder runs out of space..opps..needs to back-up abit.

Over the weekend, I watched The Iron Empress (Kor) during air-time so that I do not need to record it. During weekdays, I will watch the 8pm and 9pm HK dramas so that I will not end up watching the repeats on weekends. East of Eden(Kor) is another new drama I am watching on Sat nights. Well for Sun, I wanted to watch Painter of the Wind(Kor) but I think I cannot tahan till 1am since I need to work the next day. So, I decided to give up that.

To release my HDD recorder space, I started to backup my own copy of Boys Over Flowers. In addition, I am completing another drama on my HDD - "The Man who Can't Marry", 5 more episodes to go. After this drama, have to watch "The Partner" and "Lady Castle". These dramas have to be watched and deleted to clean up my HDD space.

So more TV time needed for me!!!

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival/ Lantern Festival! (where's the autumn? I dun feel it here...)

A box of mooncake I bought for the family. (I kinda bought it bcoz of the nice packaging too...and wants to use the box as stationery holder...)

Simplicity is Freedom.

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