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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Such a nice day today to report what I have done these 2 days. My so-called presentation yesterday was nothing else but just showing what I have done. I don't even need to say much actually. So kind of successful. I also handed my MACS project yesterday. So now I can declared myself free my projects and lectures too. Coz, today is also the last day I have lessons.
It is about 2 weeks away from my 1st exam and I don't feel like study now!! Oh man....I thought of revising from next week. Do u think I would do that? Haha...but I don't think so.
I read an article on Sony's PSP on The New Paper earlier on. Hmm...a bit interested on the console. Especially that it does not only can play games, but movies too! Hmmm....very big budget for this.....I wonder if I have the ability to try working part-time after exams and saved up for that... *Slap Slap* I shall ask myself to wake up from day-dreaming....Where am I going to get $500+ to buy a PSP?? I am sure Sony will come out with an improvised version of PSP soon...and I will regret buying it too......

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Good Afternoon! Got some examples from BlogSkin and done a new makeover for my blog. Isn't it more simple and clear now? It is getting exciting now...Exams are coming and I haven't started my revision yet. Haha...thinking about it, what's the point of studying so hard anyway?
Today, I heard that that there are people getting letters from NTU...of course they are people who really deserves it coz they worked so hard to get good results. But then, I don't have such good results as they do. I guess I have to make some plans for myself before I receive the rejection letters from the 2 'so-famous' uni.
It was such a close shave this morning. I was intending to print out my 2500 words essay in school which I have spent the weekend doing. I thought I really copied it to my thumbdrive. But when I opened it up, it was a copy which I done earlier with just a mere 500 words. It really shocked me. When I rushed home, I opened the copy on the desktop and the MS Word prompted file not available. At the moment, I was so nervous....oh god...don't tell me I have to re-do again?!?
Luckily, I spotted it at the Recycle Bin. Thanks a million no one actually "empty" the recycle bin. So, to make sure nothing happens, I print it straight from my home printer. Yeah...Mission accomplished for MACS! Now only left slipping it into Teacher's letterbox. Oh yah...after tomolo Web Service presentation, I can focus both my Jap test and exams. Wish me LUCK!

Simplicity is Freedom.

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