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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Firework Finale (LIVE)

Tonight should be my last visit to watch NDP fireworks LIVE at Marina Bay. It was much better than last week's rehersal. However, I do not intend to go there again on the actual day. I rather want close up view from the TV on the parade and performances. This time round, I took the whole video process of the fireworks. Enjoy!~

- 4 min video of the Fireworks

- Final 1 min video of the Fireworks (just after the National Anthem song)

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Trip to second stop: Wuxi

Continuing the story of my holiday of the year (since my last post in June). Apologize if the next few photos are blur or in low quality. Well, my camera accidentally dropped at the first park I just visited at Wuxi. It could not be operated at that time, so then on, I started taking photos using my newly-bought SE K618i mobile phone. So, "mai hiam" hor...

Shown below are pictures of the the Wuxi "park" I have visited. (Dun ask me the names. I dun remember them most of the time. All parks look the same anyway.)

Old Moon Pavilion
- Saw the chinese name? Well, after translating it, is called Old Moon Pavilion?

a map of the park
- This is one of the directional stop. Well, at least, signs in china comes with English and Mandarin. Dun worry if you cannot read Mandarin.

the lotus pond in the park
- Well, is not spring...so I dun expect to see any lotus flower too...A lot of leaves though.

Place for shooting movies!
- This is the place where they filmed "Romance of the Three Kingdoms".

The 3 states who are fighting one and another - Army 1
The 3 states who are fighting one and another - Army 2
The 3 states who are fighting one and another - Army 3
- Well, these three states are the ones who fight one another in Romance of the Three Kingdoms?

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fireworks Month is coming!

In August, you will get to see fireworks during National Day, and followed by the Fireworks Festival - which will be presentations from Spain(Fri) and China(Sat). As compared to last year, there are not many sessions this time round. I just caught a glimpse of the fireworks on last Saturday's NDP rehersal. Sharing a video I took that nite :)

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Memories of Food

Back in May, me and my sis made our first bibimbap at home. Well, consider it as our first try. I like it alot. To ensure we got the right flavour, I purposely went to buy the bibimbap sauce from SolMart at Square 2. The sauce cost me almost 10 bucks. It taste not bad by the way. Here is a photo of the sauce and our final product.
Bibimbap sauce
Home-made Bibimbap!

Just a few days after our bibimbap meal, my mum did her first attempt to make chicken chop at home. It tasted really good! Unfortunately, she did not buy enough "chops", and we all ended up half-full. That was a good experience. I should get her to cook this again on Christmas???
Home-made chicken chop!

Finally, haha, not home-made food. I had my dinner the first time on Sat at the MOF@ My Izakaya. Really nice ramen served there. Sad to say that I did not get to try their dessert. It looks great! I will want to visit there again someday.
Tan-Tan Ramen
This is the TAN-TAN Spicy Ramen I had that day.
char-siew ramen
bento set
Stone Hot Pot Rice
Some other dishes my friends had that day.


Simplicity is Freedom.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Just two days away from the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Movie! I can't wait to catch it at the Grand Cathay. To ensure that I comprehend what's the movie is about, I purposely subscribed HBO this month to watch the TV premeire of the Goblet of Fire. Haha...now I am so addicted to HBO that I can't bear to cancel it in my next bill cycle.

I will be quite occupied this weekend. Friday is movie nite, and then on Sat, I will be attending the company's family day at Night Safari. Well, is my 1st time visiting. I received the admission ticket from my dept representative this afternoon. There was this remark on the ticket: "No flash photography is allowed...abd blah blah". I told my colleagues, "So, the place is so dark and we cannot use flash. What animal to take?" Haha...and they were laughing, saying maybe we cannot take photos then. However, I will try to take some photos and post it here :)

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

This evening, I have just watched the most magnificient movie of the year "Transformers"! (well, the upcoming Harry Potter may take over your spot next week, bumblebee ^-^) Directed by Steven Spielberg, this is a movie I recommend all to see. Is action-packed and exciting throughout the 2 and a half hour show. I like every detail of the movie, sophisicated weapons, choppers, falcons, automobiles, trucks, friendship and the action. Is definitely worth watching over the weekend!

Simplicity is Freedom.

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