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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Last weekend, I was having quite an enjoyable time, especially due to Vesak Day...there is a 3 days long rest! Below is my short discription of the things happened on the 3 days:

Day 1 (Friday):
My mum and my aunt actually made a promise to meet up on Vesak Day itself to celebrate Vesak Day+ Mother Day+ Agnes birthday 3-in-one dinner. We had our dinner at 9.30pm at a "non- aircon restaurant" at AMK, and my uncle's family also came along. We were supposed to spend $100 per family (proudly sponsored from Progress Package gift) for the dinner. Too bad....the food was too cheap and ended up costing abt $140 in all, including drinks. That nite, my mum was yakking abt watching Poseidon when she is free, after the Thomson Fair. Ok...we are waiting for the free movie treat from her ;)

Day 2 (Sat):
In the morning at 10.30m, my cousin, Sheena, called me to ask me where we are meeting. I chose to meet at Causeway Point as I was prepared to spend my Mall of Centrepoint Voucher there. Firstly, we went to Gelare to have a large waffle with 2 ice creams (Walnut flavour and Cookies & Cream) -->Use $10 voucher
When we finished our waffle, Agnes came in time to eat her Macdonalds' new meal...curly fries plus chicken for lunch. After that, we went to a pasar malam opposite the shopping centre to browse around. Too bad, there was nothing much.
Suddenly, there was a strong urge to do something. Ended up all of us went to Cold Storage to spend another $40 voucher to buy groceries. We intended to prepare dinner at home and ask my parents to come home for dinner after work. My cousins were like 1st-time cooks and super excited abt it. Me too, coz is the first time all of us cooking together.

Dinner Menu:
1. Spagetti with mushrooms and sausage
2. Prawn and honeydew Salad
3. Honey Glazed Chicken
4. Grape Juice "champange"

Sheena was so proud of her cutting skills, which is cutting honeydew into small cubes out of the whole round one. I was slicing the sausage, mushrooms and digging the "black dirt" out of the prawns' bodies. Agnes and my sis peeled the prawns' shells, cook the spagetti and sauce. We had quite a lot of fun and experience and mum was so "interested" in the Prawn salad we made.

Day 3 (Sun):
We spent almost the whole day catching up with the TVB drama, Misleading Track. Of course, before our TV-chasing, we went to a nearby hawker centre for lunch. After TV-ing till 8pm, we went to Thomson to meet our parents. Dinner was Burger King. haha...coz my aunt had discount coupons.

Simplicity is Freedom.

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