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Sunday, April 22, 2007

As time passed by, I have sort of confirmed my trip to Jiangnan. Deposit has been paid to the agency yesterday. If everything goes smoothly, the trip will be from 20 to 27 May. Well, the trip is rescheduled to 1 week earlier as there are no vacancies left for the 27th trip. Well, 27th falls on the 1st week of school holidays, no wonder...

My sis already told me to look out for jeans, shirts...whatever. How would I know your preference, dude? Later I buy already, you don't like, how?? Hmm...I told her see first...I wanted this trip to be a relaxing one, not frantically shopping. Tight budget mah...

Yesterday, bought 2 memory...a 512mb DDR400 for my old computer, so it will be running at 1GB. Another 1GB DDR2667 for my new com, which makes it 2GB RAM. Haha...okie, I am going to stop purchasing anything else for my coms. Most importantly, for the next 2 years or so, I will not want to change a new com again, it's enough.

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Just renew my contract with SNBB, 5mbps broadband Unlimited, 24mths. Not too bad offer, $49.95 per mth...with free 4 months subscription. Therefore, if you calculate, is actual $41+ per month for 24mths.

SpeedTest - Singapore connection

SpeedTest - Kuala Lumpur connection

SpeedTest - Washington connection

SpeedTest - Los Angeles connection

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It was a long weekend last week, including Good Friday, a 3 days' break. Bought a new desktop fan at $24 on Friday. Having more fans, I can save electricity during the night by using the fan instead of aircon. The week earlier on Sat, I bought a new CPU at $700. Running at AMD Althon X64 Dual Core 4200+, Nivida Geforce 7600, 1 GB DDR2 RAM, 160GB HDD, system is much better than my earlier computers. One minor thing I mind was the RAM which is not 2GB as I wished for. It will be over my budget if I bought it. But, I can still add it on when the price is lower. I have played Test Drive Unlimited with the new com. The graphics is smooth and the system was running very smoothly. The system really performed what I have expected.

Oooh....just a few more days before payday arrives. Well, there is a small pay rise from this month. It's just the normal annual increment, not due to the civil service increment as what my family thought. Haiz, can't they understand, statutory board is different. It is not civil service, ok?

Oh yah, last week, I sort of confirmed with my aunt that most probably I will be going to the Jiangnan tour with them in May. Reasons are 1) I have not gone to Shanghai before. 2) It is been some time I last 'flew' overseas, 3) I get to visit my dear cousin who is on attachment there. Well, the price is reasonable. On SQ flight, it costs $1000+ for 8 days with meals and accomodation. I still yet to know the itinerary but I asked for it from Guru Raya Travel. I think it is this travel agency my aunt is booking the tour from. Attached below is the itinerary they have sent to me. Looks great right?
By the way, I have the chinese version itinerary which is much more detailed. But I think the English version is much easier to comprehend.

8D Spectacular Jiangnan Deluxe Tour

-Fuyang Farm Visit
-Ride a bull cart, Make New Year Cake, Pull Carrot, Sample Farm Folk’s meals,Traditional Chinese Paper Making Art, Lingshan Giant Buddha

-Deluxe Accommodations:
-5-Star Fuyang International Trade Centre Hotel + 5-Star equivalent hotel throughout the journey

Special Bonus
-Maglev Train Ride
-Huangpu River Cruise
-Oriental Pearl TV Tower
-Viewing Tunnel

Local Delicacy:
-Shanghai(Local Cuisine+Dumpling+Dilong seafood Restaurant )
-Suzhou(Huangtianyuan Special snacks+Cuisine)
-Wuxi(Qianlong Banquet + Spare Ribs)
-Nanjing(Jinling Duck Feast + Qinhuai Special Cuisine)
-Wuzhen Peasant Family Feast
-Hangzhou(Dongpo Meat, Beggars Chicken, West Lake Vinegar Fish, Red Clay Pot Cuisine)

Free Gift:
-Shanghai Chinese Knot
-Suzhou silk Handkerchief
-Hangzhou Bamboo Chopsticks
-Wuxi Clay Figurine
-Nanjing Stone

Assemble at Changi International Airport for your flight to Shanghai by luxury plane. Shanghai is the biggest city in China also know as ‘The Oriental Paris’. Upon arrival, experience the world’s first 430 km/hr commercialized operation line – Shanghai Maglev Train Ride. Continue the journey to Suzhou and visit Ouyuan (Lotus) Garden. Ouyuan consist of two parts, Dongyuan (East Garden) and Xiyuan (West Garden). Ouyuan represents a unque Suzhou garden architecture. Next visit Hanshan Temple (Cool Mountain Temple). Hanshan Temple is also known as Fengqiao Temple, which was dedicated to Tang Dynasty about who once presided there. Make a stop at Qilisanlang Culture and Historical Street, which has 1500 years history. Take an overlook view of Singapore Industrial Park and Golden Chicken Lake.

Begin the day with a visit to the famous ‘Pan Men San Jing’, where the three famous scenic spot in Suzhou closely linked by Dayun River. Proceed on to Silk Factory and learn about the process of silk making. Deport to Nanjing after lunch. Upon arrival we shall visit the world’s longest Changjiang Bridge, used by both motor vehicles and train. Nanjing is also know as ‘Crystal City’, Many craft artificers, especially those who draw inside the crystal balls, like to choose Nanjing’s crystal as the raw materials for art production and research. Continue to Ancient City Square, built about 600 years ago, where you can see the ruins of the Ming dynasty underground palace. The roof of Ming dynasty mansion had been damaged, only the wall is present. A stele inside the mansion which stands on a turtle shape stand. Height of the steles is 8.78m, 2746words Inscription had been written by Zhu Li (One emperor of Ming Dynasty). End our day at Qinhuai River.

After breakfast, visit Zhonghua Gate. It is the most well-protected and the most complicated castle in the world. Next to visit Mochouhu (Sorrow-Free) Lake. The triangle-shaped lake exhibits varied flowers and trees which lie amidst Shenqi (Victory in Chess) Pavillion and other ancient strucures. Continue to Jade carvings workshop. Chinese slways have a passion for jade, which is a precious and auspicious gemstone. Next, Proceed to Wuxi for a visit to Three Kingdom Movies & TV Studio It is the earliest movies and TV program production base in China. We will enjoy a lake cruise at Taihu Lake. You will also have the chance to see thr Peal Cultivating Farm.

This morning we visit to the famous LIngshan Giant Buddha. Continue the jouney to explore the art of making Wuxi’s zisha clay teapots. Wuxi is well know as ‘Pottery City’ of which many of the find ones have become collectors’ items. After lunch, Proceed to Hangzhou. There is a praising sentence for describing Hangzhou and Suzhou: ‘ Above the heaven, there is the paradise. Below it, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou’. Upon arrival, We visit Wansong Academy. Built in 1489, the academy was the largest institute of highr learning in the Hangzhou region during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Its fame spread further as the legendary ill-fated lovers, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yintai were said to have studied in the same class in the academy for three years. Proceed to the Longjing Tea Plantation for a visit.

Today enjoy a lake cruise at West Lake. Next enjoy fish viewing at Huangguang (Flora Harbor) Park and Long Bridge Park, West Lake Xintiandi and take an overlook view of Leifeng Pagada. Continue to Baocui Xuan. This afternoon, We will proceed to Fuyang to Sanwei Farm visit. You will try to ride a bull cart, make New Year Cake, pull carrot, sample Farm Folk’s meals,

DAY 6 Fuyang – Wuzhen - Shanghai(BLD)
After breakfast, we shall visit The village of traditional Chinese paper making. Enjoy the art of making traditional Paper. Next, depart for Wuzhen, a water town with its original tast, a culture with a thousand years of history. Deport to Shanghai thereafter, Tonight, we will ctuise along the Huangpu River to see the night view of Shanghai.

Today is an exllence day! First of all ascend the Oriental Pearl Tower. On this tower, which is the hightest in Asia, third highest in the world, you can see the fantastic view of the whole Shanghai city. Then visit the Chenghuangmiao Commercial District, one of the main shopping ares in Shanghai. Then visit Songqingling Mausoleum. Continue to Shanghai Xintiandi where food, beverages, leisure entertainments history and culture gather. End our day at Qipu Road Wholesale Market, where the most fashionable clothes and other wholesale commodities are sold.

Free at own leisure till time for the transfer to the airport for your return flight back to Singapore.

Simplicity is Freedom.

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