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Monday, April 25, 2005

Yupp..almost a month since I blog...okok....thanks to my cousin, Agnes....saying I should blog.. But isn't it so troublesome to login and typing...when I can just go to my favourite websites...playing online games and stuff...
Luckily, I had something to tok about now...or else this is going to be a blank page..I got a new phone on Sunday(which means yesterday...). Nokia 6170 is the phone given by M1 for renewing the 2 year contract. There was another phone, SE K300i, but I was determined not to get that one though it was free. Anyone will know Nokia has high trade-in value compared to other phone brands. So, that is one reason I took Nokia. My sister also get the same phone...argh...everyone using the same phone....so weird....but I will get used to it, I suppose. And, maybe due to my other cousin, Sheena, she is getting that N6170 too....so I got a bit of influenced and 3 of us carrying same phone...Haha...so funny, just like a uniform...hmm....but we can share stuff using the infrared red....not bad rite?
As the day passed by..it also means my temporary job starting soon...argh....scary.....if you are wondering what job I am doing....surprisingly, it is the job I mentioned on my earlier blog..the Department of Statistics Data Processing Officer. Of course, thankfully, I got the job and I really hoped I can coped with it. There will be a 2 day training so I shall be really attentive during the training. I dun want to make any mistakes.
I bought a new shirt and pants during my outing with my cousin on Sunday. Ok...for the sake of that temp job..If not, I think I would not want to spend money on it. Uhmm...I read a forum and it seems that some people got rejection letters from NUS already. I suppose it will not be long that I receive one too...faster give me an answer....at least I would not waste my time waiting and can focus on my new temporary job...

Simplicity is Freedom.

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Friday, April 01, 2005

Today is my Jap test. After this, I can say it is the end of my whole 2 years journey of weekly Japanese classes. I don't know whether I will continue on studying Japanese. Just wait and see.... I think it is on Tuesday when I went to see the Singapore Department of Singapore on the General Household Survey 2005 section. Under the school esp website, there was a post on this temporary job from Statistics Singapore which lasts from April to October. So finally I remembered it somehow. And lo and behold, there is really jobs available. The website is http://www.singstat.gov.sg/ghs05/join.html I emailed them for the application to be A) Daily-Rated GHS Officer (Data Processing) – Full-time. I suppose it is kind of a data processing job for the survey results or something. Remuneration is not bad. $56 per day for full-time. One thing I don't know is full-time means how many hours?? Uhmmm....I guess I will ask them on Monday when I have the interview. Actually there is position for GHS officer on Field Interview. Salary for that is higher. But I suppose that is more tiring and need a lot of interaction with people....those people u going to survey. I think I am not good at that. So, rather take on the data processing one. I was reading this forum which says that NUS will release their results on April. NTU is already so hard to get in, so NUS is even harder. Currently, I only heard of some of my classmates who gots Dists and As receiving letters from NTU. I think if they have the chance to go NUS, they should go...haha.giving some seats for those who score louiser results to enter NTU, isn't that better?

Simplicity is Freedom.

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